Put off the need for roof replacement for as long as possible by learning how to extend the life of your roof.

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, there’s nothing more important than your roof, but eventually, your roof will need to be replaced. The good news, however, is that, the better your maintain your roof, the longer you can putt off the need for roof replacement. If you haven’t already, check out our latest blog to learn about a few things you can do to extend the life of your roof, and keep reading for more helpful tips:

#5. Make sure that your roof is properly insulated.

When most people think of insulation, they think of energy efficiency. After all, the number one reason that your home needs to be properly insulated is to keep the conditioned air inside, where you can enjoy it. However, when it comes to your roof, there are a number of reasons why insulation is important. Insulation helps to keep the temperature of the roof deck consistent, which helps to prevent it from contracting and expanding. Insulation also reduces heat transfer, and some types of insulation can even help to prevent mold growth.

#6. Make sure that your roof is properly ventilated.

Insulation and ventilation go hand in hand when it comes to protecting your roof; you need both for your roof to function at its optimal level. The heat in your home rises to the attic, and if that heat has nowhere to go, it can penetrate the roof insulation. This leaves your shingles prone to “frying,” which can cause them to crack and warp. Proper attic ventilation gives that heat a safe way to leave your attic and your roof.

#7. Get your roof inspected annually.

Many of the tips we’ve gone over in this blog series have to do with getting roofing problems fixed quickly. In most cases, the longer you wait to get a repair you need, the more damage you’ll have on your hands. However, you can’t possibly address roofing issues promptly if you don’t know that they exist in the first place. Inspections are the only way to stay on top of any roofing problems that come up, and you should perform visual inspections from the ground often to watch out for signs of trouble. In addition to doing your own inspections, it’s also important to have a professional take a look at least once a year. Professional roofers know how to safely get on top of your roof to take a closer look at every detail, and they also have experience with spotting roofing issues early, when they’re not so obvious to homeowners, but much cheaper to address.

Your roof isn’t a small investment, and the last thing you want is to have to replace it early. Get more years out of your roof by following the above tips from our roofing experts. Whether you have questions or concerns, you’re in need of roof repair or you’re ready to schedule a roofing inspection, give us a call today.