The signs that you need roof repair aren’t always obvious, but if you pay attention, you can learn a lot from your roof.

When your roof is in need of repair, there won’t be any neon signs or flashing lights, which is why it’s not always easy to know when you need roof repair in Hilton Head. However, there are many ways that your roof tells you that it needs to be repaired, and learning how to read the signs will give you first-hand knowledge of the state your roof is in at all times. Here are a few common warning signs to watch out for, as well as what they mean for your roof:

Warning Sign #1. There are shingle granules in your gutters.

As asphalt shingles age, it’s not uncommon for them to shed a few granules, but if you’ve found a lot of shingle granules in your gutters, your roof is trying to tell you that the lifespan of your shingles is coming to a close and they need to be replaced. Granules are essential for protecting the shingles against damaging UV rays, and without them, your shingles can dry up and become brittle. When you spot missing granules, it’s always a good idea to give the manufacturer a call to find out if they are still under warranty.

Warning Sign #2. There are water spots on your ceiling.

If you’ve noticed a water spot on your ceiling, particularly after a heavy rain storm, there’s a good chance that your roof is trying to tell you that it has a leak. Leaks can be exceptionally difficult to find because they don’t often drip straight down. Leaks could travel along the lumber or roof panels before reaching the insulation and creating water spots. This means that the actual leak could be located in a completely different location than the water spot itself. Keep in mind that water spots could also indicate excess condensation or plumbing leaks as well, but having a roofer come out to rule out a roof leak is a great place to start in addressing the problem.

Warning Sign #3. There are cracks in your shingles.

Cracked shingles are often the result of the elements, like strong wind or hail. However, when shingles lose their granules and become brittle from the sun, they can also crack. Regardless of what causes the cracks in your shingles, it’s important to get cracked shingles replaced. If you don’t get them replaced, the cracks leave your roof susceptible to roof leaks, because they allow water to seep through the shingles.

Knowing when to call in a roofer for roof repair or replacement in Hilton Head can be difficult, but learning how to interpret what you’re roofing is telling you will allow you to get the prompt service you need at the first sign of trouble. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more warning signs to watch out for on your roof, and contact us today about your roofing needs.  We offer discounts for veterans and active duty military, as well as free estimates.