Want to avoid having to replace your roof for as long as possible?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are Nationwide Developments, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right roofing solutions for your needs. Our experts know how big of an investment your roof is, and we want to help you get as many years as possible out of it. The number of years your roof lasts is directly related to how well you maintain it. With the right steps, you can extend the life of your roof, and our experts have come up with this list of tips to help:

#1. Don’t neglect the gutters.

Many homeowners don’t even think of their gutters as being a part of their roofing system, but without them, there would be no way for rain and other moisture to leave your roof. The fact of the matter is that your gutters are one of the most essential parts of your roofing system to avoid leaks, but they need to be clear of leaves, twigs and other debris in order to do their job. Cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis will help you to avoid leaks, roof repairs and premature roof replacement.

#2. Trim any branches that hang over your roof.

Are there any nearby trees in your yard that hang near or over your roof? If so, trimming these is a key step to protecting your roof from future damage caused by a downed limb. Even if branches don’t fall, the abrasion caused by a branch that continually rubs on your roof can also cause damage. Plus, these overhanging limbs give easy access to squirrels and other animals that could cause damage to your roof.

#3. Eliminate any moss on your roof.

Because of the humid climate we enjoy here in Hilton Head, it’s not uncommon to find moss or algae on our roofs. While algae may look bad, it won’t actually hurt your roof, but if you have moss, it’s important to eliminate it because it holds moisture and could do some pretty serious damage if left alone. Once your roof is clean and clear of moss, talk to our roofers about what you can do to prevent it from coming back.

#4. Get any necessary roof repairs done ASAP.

If your roof is in need of repairs, you won’t be doing yourself any favors if you procrastinate on getting them done. When you put off the repairs you need, the underlying problem is likely to just get worse, and when you finally do come around to fixing it, chances are, the damage will be more severe and the repair will be more expensive.

The above tips are just a few of the many steps you can take to extend the life of your roof, and in our next blog, we’ll be going over a few more. Stay tuned to learn more, and please don’t hesitate to contact us about any roofing concerns you may have.